Rooftop Development

Rooftop development is creating additional floor space to the area above residential, commercial or public buildings. The value of the space will depend on location, size and suitability for development. Many rooftops, whether flat or pitched, are suitable for an upward extension using our offsite-built modular system. In central London alone, there is an estimated £51 billion* of unrealised potential value that could be released through residential rooftop development.

* Knight Frank SKYWARD report 2017

Revolutionising the London property market

The government, the mayor, local London councils and even Transport for London are all looking to rooftop development to help solve the capital’s acute housing and office space shortage.

Modular construction is particularly attractive in central London where access is often challenging, there is a lack of greenfield sites and there are the needs of existing occupiers to consider. As each project is built offsite our modular rooftop system significantly minimises disruption to existing tenants and the local community.

Those with the vision to aim high can see that rooftop development is a smart solution for the London housing market and property owners looking to increase investment value.

The future is offsite

Building offsite within the controlled environment of a factory is now seen as the future of the construction industry. It speeds up construction times significantly and the supply of new homes, as championed in the government’s 2017 White Paper: “Fixing our broken housing market”.

The Landmark Modular system is built from light gauge steel, which is lightweight yet strong, making it suitable for a wide range of project types, including residential and commercial developments. Our modular units are built offsite in our dedicated South Yorkshire factory, meaning we have complete control over the quality, cost and delivery timetable.

The standard of finish can be adapted to meet client requirements, whether for a five-star hotel, offices or social housing. We can undertake projects on commercial buildings, student housing, hotels, residential care homes, social housing and a range of other residential sites, helping unlock massive development potential for existing buildings and under-utilised sites, especially in urban environments.


Adding floor space through rooftop development can be complicated, so choosing an experienced organisation to work with is critical. We manage each project from beginning to end: helping to identify opportunities, determine feasibility, obtain planning consent and, finally, manage each build. We can alter our on-site teams according to the requirements of each development, and we have a thorough understanding of planning requirements across London.


Whether looking to fund property works or simply add storeys to an existing building, our professional and experienced team can advise and guide you through the process. Landmark Modular can assist you to unlock the possibilities of under-utilised land with specialist advice and a thorough understanding of the rights of London property owners.

As the focus on urban regeneration in London continues to increase, local governments along with other public sector organisations are looking to transform their existing properties. Our expertise in modular housing will enable you to take full advantage of the government’s new £2bn initiative for your local community, helping you meet the ever-growing demand for affordable housing here in the capital.

From conception to completion, we offer the full package of design, manufacture and installation. This flexibility means we can either be the main contractor offering a turnkey service or we can work with existing designs as a specialist contractor within the framework of larger projects.

Growth through strategic partnering

Entering a joint venture with Landmark Modular offers you opportunities for new revenue – without requiring outside investors.

That’s why we actively seek private and public sector partnerships to identify suitable sites. By regenerating existing low-density sites and using our modular expertise, we can deliver exceptional quality homes and offices as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In addition, our bespoke modular capabilities enable us to develop all shapes and sizes of potential buildings. It’s what sets us apart.

If you have an opportunity you would like to discuss, please get in touch today.

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