Rooftop Development

Rooftop development, airspace development and upward extensions are defined as the area above residential, commercial or public buildings which can potentially be developed to provide additional floorspace accommodation. The value of the space will depend on location, size and suitability for development. In central London alone, there is an estimated £51 billion* of unrealised potential value that can be released through residential rooftop development.
* Knight Frank SKYWARD report 2017

Why Modular / Offsite construction

Building offsite within the controlled environment of a factory is now seen as the future of the construction industry and the only feasible way to speed up construction and supply of new homes, as championed in the Government 2017 White Paper – Fixing our broken housing market.

The Landmark Modular system is built from light gauge steel which is lightweight yet strong, making it suitable for a wide range of project types including residential and commercial. Because we build the units offsite we are able to reduce the time required on site substantially, often a factor when considering rooftop developments.

How rooftop development can help unlock potential profits…

  • Freeholders can extend and develop properties for sale
  • Development and sale of any additions can fund improvement works
  • Offsite built modules reduce disruption on site by up to 50%
  • Perfect for expanding properties with minimal impact on existing tenants
  • Modular structures are lighter and stronger so require less structural alterations
  • Add several additional storeys to most buildings
  • Replacement of the entire roof
  • Potential increases in ground rent income

Modular loft London
Modular Office External Render
Modular loft bathroom London